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Monday, Apr 05, 2021 at 11:22 pm

Talking Points | Monday, April 5th

Talking Points anchor Michael Furnari is in studio tonight to break down the top political stories across the nation. Analyst Moriah Humiston discusses the attack on the US Capitol that killed an officer on Friday. Analyst Natalie Fahmy looks at President Biden’s latest plans for a two trillion dollar infrastructure package. Analyst Benjamin Schiller breaks down why Democrats and major corporations are upset about the new Voting Rights Bill in Georgia. Analyst Tyler O’Neill looks at the key takeaways from the first week into Derek Chauvin’s murder trial. Analyst Walker Simmons gives an in-depth look into how the COVID-19 vaccine functions in your body. Analyst Ericka Love breaks down the US State Department’s commitment to a new stance on women’s access to contraceptives and reproductive care. Analyst Jacob Goldberg looks at the investigation into Florida Representative Matt Gaetz’s latest sex-trafficking accusation. Analyst Spencer Kweskin breaks down the Tigray War in Ethiopia. Analyst Teagan Brown discusses President Biden’s nominations for eleven potential judges for federal district and appeals courts.