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Tuesday, Mar 12, 2024 at 8:31 pm

#6 Syracuse Men’s Lacrosse Grabs First Top 5 Win Under Gary Gait

Just about a week ago, Johns Hopkins got a season-defining win when it took down then No. 2 Virginia on the road. At the same time, Syracuse was going through some offensive dry spells against High Point and the week before, suffered a heartbreaking loss to top-ranked Army. But that’s the beauty of sports: sometimes things seem dull and gloomy but then they change and get better and tonight things changed. Syracuse took down Johns Hopkins 14-13 in Charlotte for the first top-five win in the career of head coach Gary Gait. This is a win that will not be forgotten anytime soon.



I think winning is really like a learned skill you got to learn how to win big games like that. You saw that we have two overtime losses this season. You know you go anywhere you want with it and this could happen this could happen but you got to learn how to win those games and like stay calm.



I mean I think it’s definitely the monkey off the back a bit you know I mean we’ve come so close in my last two seasons here of beaten you know top teams and you know to finally be the top five team you know is huge.



Things really into place tonight for SU. Johnny Mullen and Mason Kohn dominated at the faceoff X and looked like one of the best tandems in the country. Joey Spina performed against the ranked opponent, scoring points left and right. With 10 minutes to go in the game, SU iced away a lead to stay undefeated in regulation this season but the neutral sight swing is not yet at an end. Syracuse heads to Chantilly, Virginia to take on Delaware next weekend. Sam Corcoran will have all your coverage so make sure to throw him follow on X, as well as CitrusTV Sports. But for now, reporting from the American Legion Memorial Stadium in Charlotte, North Carolina, Luke Burgess, CitrusTV.