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Wednesday, May 01, 2024 at 6:39 pm

Another Complete game leads to Syracuse taking down Cornell, 4-0

It seems like every time Syracuse softball plays, somebody else is throwing a complete game. Last weekend, Lindsey Hendrix tossed two in the Oranges series victory over number 15 Virginia Tech. However today in a midweek matchup against Cornell it was Jesse DiPasquale that went the whole game in Syracuse’s four-to-nothing victory over the Big Red. The grad student struggled early in the year walking almost every batter she saw in failing to go more than two innings. However, according to her, it was her mental state that she had to change


“Yeah, I think that early on in the season it was just it was a mental thing. I think that that’s what happens with a lot of people. It’s just it’s not physical, especially at this level of getting here it’s never physical it’s a mental thing. So I think it was just taking a lot of time. I honestly watched old films just to be like I can do this and I’m not, I don’t usually give up a lot of walks like that so I think it was just a mindset and being like what’s the worst that can happen at this point. I’ve already given up walks so I kind of once I just let go of it all is when it started to work in my favor.” 


“I think she you know just gets competitive, you know. It doesn’t really matter who’s in the other Dugout you know. That kid wants the ball. She wants an opportunity at this um you know and I think she handled it really well today.” 


With DiPasquale’s complete Game, Syracuse’s team ERA Falls to just above three and the Orange are going to need that pitching staff to come in clutch as number 14 Florida State comes to town this weekend. The first game is set for this Friday with the first pitch at 3 p.m. Reporting from Skytop softball stadium Nathaniel Cunningham Citrus TV.