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Wednesday, Apr 03, 2024 at 12:03 pm

Cornell Men’s Lacrosse Scraps By Syracuse in Overtime 18-17

10 minutes into tonight’s game, it was all but over. Syracuse led Cornell seven nothing. The Orange were playing maybe their best lacrosse of the season with an energy that frankly has not been seen yet in 2024. But then the script completely flipped and the Big Red had a miraculous comeback and won it in double overtime. 1817. It was a showing of grit, toughness, endurance that frankly is rarely seen in sports and a comeback that will be remembered for a long time.
“We just got to keep believing in each other and, you know, it’ll all work out.” Cornell attackman CJ Kirst said,  “So all it takes is one play. You know, there’s no goal that you can put up four points on the board. So I just got to keep chipping away and be.”
“Proud of our group for staying the course and continuing to believe and making small plays as the game went on and obviously coming out of a double overtime loss on Saturday.” Cornell Head Coach Connor Buszek said, “You know, want to make sure we righted that a little bit and so proud of our growth since that point, too, to get over the finish line and then take this one home.”
Syracuse head coach Gary Gait said, “But we had opportunities. We had tons of opportunities throughout that second half and overtime to put this game away. And unfortunately, we didn’t make plays multiple opportunities in overtime and we kept doing what we needed to do to to try and win that game. Unfortunately, we just didn’t put the ball in the orange.”
The ‘Cuse will have plenty of time to recover, look back and find all the mistakes in tonight’s loss. This was the third in overtime this season for you. And 11 days, Syracuse travels down to North Carolina to take on the Tar Heels in the final road game of the season. Reporting from Ithaca, Adam Gotkin  Citrus TV.