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Tuesday, Oct 17, 2023 at 10:25 am

Haley Uliasz: From the Water Back to the Ice

By Andrew Della Piana | @dellie_5


For most college athletes, they spend their four years in one sport. But for Syracuse’s Haley Uliasz, she traded in her rowing oar for a hockey stick. While making the switch to playing the puck, she describes how much she loves the challenges that come with it.


“Not my rookies come in as 5th years and it’s a different experience, but honestly rowing prepared me for something like this. I was a veteran on that team and just hope I can bring the same experience to hockey and just support the girls.”


Before rowing, Uliasz played high school hockey at the Kent School. Four years later, and it’s best friends and rowing teammates who believe she’s prepared to make the change back. 


“Coming from rowing to another sport, she’d be really strong-looking no matter what team she was on because we work really hard and for long hours in the boat and on the ergs.” I believe she is simply a mentally strong girl, like any other rower would be. She’d be a tremendous addition to any club, and I think ice hockey is quite glad, or should be very happy, to have such a good athlete on their squad.”


“Rowing requires a high level of discipline as well as mental and physical toughness. And it’s the ultimate team sport, which ice hockey is as well. I believe she carries those characteristics over to ice hockey, and I’ve seen a few of her games, and she’s so aggressive it’s amazing.”


Now with making the move from the water to the ice, the 5th year student embraces the lessons learned from the boat.


“Rowing has definitely trained me cardio-wise, I used to get gassed on the ice and I can’t tell you how much it has built my cardio. I no longer get tired on the ice and that’s good for me and hopefully good for the team.”


Even though the Philly native is still searching for her first point, her new coach loves what she brings to the locker room.


“It’s great; she knows Syracuse and the university. She’s a new player on the team, but she’s no stranger to Syracuse. She’s absolutely someone who could come in and take a leadership role, especially for some of the new players who are on campus for the first time and trying to figure out what Syracuse is all about.” 

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