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Wednesday, Apr 13, 2022 at 10:17 am

Hawryschuk and a Couple Freshmen Lead Syracuse Past Cornell, 20-9

Early in the game, Cornell Women’s Lacrosse was partying like it was 2006, the last time they beat Syracuse. The Big Red led the Orange 6-3 late in the first half, but the final score would read 20-9 SU. Emily Hawryschuk ended the party for Cornell, scoring a career-high 11 points. But Coach Kayla Treanor wasn’t only impressed by her sixth-year senior, she was also impressed by her two best freshmen.

“I would say Olivia (Adamson) is a veteran on the offense,” said Treanor postgame. “She’s played a huge role for us all year. She has a ton of game experience, so, it doesn’t really matter if you’re a freshman or a senior. We’re this far along in the season, you have a lot of games under your belt. So for Olivia, she’s in a leadership position in my eyes. Payton (Rowley), it was her first game coming in, and she did awesome. She got five shots off, she was able to finish three of them. That’s all we can ask of a player, to come in her first real big opportunity in playing, she did awesome.”

“I think these freshmen, the fact they have the ability to come out and play with such composure is amazing,” said Hawryschuk. “Olivia, we’ve seen it a lot with her this season. Payton tonight played with an amazing amount of composure.”

With Cornell now in the rearview, Adamson and Rowley will look to continue to play well at a venue a bit smaller than Schoellkopf Field and a bit familiar to a couple of freshmen: a high school. Christian Brothers Academy to be more precise. Syracuse takes on Louisville at CBA on April 16.