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Tuesday, Apr 11, 2023 at 4:58 pm

Impact of the Seniors, Zeynep Erman and Polina Kozyreva, On and Off the Court

By Sam Reis | @SamuelReisTV


Zeynep Erman and Polina Kozyreva Those are the two seniors on this year’s team and their impact on the court has been felt throughout their four years at Syracuse. 


Erman had to overcome injuries in her last two years, where she was limited to playing under ten matches in both her sophomore and junior campaign. She then catapulted herself into a nationally ranked singles player this year  and solidified herself at first flight singles for the Orange. 


Meanwhile, Polina Kozyreva qualified for the NCAA tournament in doubles last season alongside Miyuka Kimoto and started this year 12-0 in singles.  However, it’s the unselfishness of the duo and who they are as people that really stands out.  


“They’re very special individuals. I think they care tremendously about the team. I think if you have to pick between losing your match and the team wins, or winning your match and the team loses, they will pick the first option of the team winning. I think they’re incredible human beings and they go the extra mile for their teammates. They’re good people and it’s really neat to be with them and to spend time with them. They’re very coachable,” said head coach Younes Limam.


While the 2023 season is starting to wind down for Syracuse, the college careers of Erman and Kozyreva aren’t quite nearing the finish line. That’s because Younes Limam broke some exciting news.


“The good news is that they’re coming back for another season. They’re using the COVID year as one more year of eligibility.”