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Sunday, Apr 24, 2022 at 9:59 am

Injury Plagued Syracuse Falls to Virginia 21-15

Team chemistry has been a struggle all season long for Syracuse Men’s Lacrosse and no more so was that apparent than in today’s 21-15 loss to fifth ranked Virginia. After the game, SU Head Coach Gary Gait said that injuries were a big reason why Syracuse has been unable to execute in big games like tonight.
“We’ve been plagued by the injuries, we’ve been unfortunately not getting the job done,” Gait said. “So it’s just stepping up, we’re giving kids opportunities, some people are making plays but unfortunately everybody needs to be making plays and less mistakes and we’re not there.
“This is not our ideal lineup, it’s been changing every week and that’s just part of lacrosse – we need to do a better job as an entire team,” Gait said.
“Ya know like you said injuries are a big thing for us this year,” Tucker Dordevic said. “to have a guy like Jackson to come in for these last few games that didn’t really play and do a terrific job while doing it is awesome and it’s great to see.”
“We got one more left for these guys and it’s about pride,” Gait said. “It’s about how Syracuse lacrosse wants to play and finish the season.”

Now someone who can’t be overlooked in this game – SU’s Jackson Birtwistle who recorded a game-high five goals in his first career start for Syracuse. Now up next for the Orange they’ll be back at home against No. 9 Notre Dame to finish out the regular season.