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Friday, Sep 29, 2023 at 10:25 am

Inside The Archive: Syracuse Men’s Soccer vs Duke

Hey there. I’m Adam Gotkin, your Syracuse men’s soccer beat reporter coming to you from inside the Citrus TV studios ahead of number seven, Syracuse’s matchup tonight with number 21 Duke. But before the match, let’s take a look inside the Citrus TV archives. At the last time that these two teams met up in 2021 at the SU soccer stadium.

Duke was ranked eight at the time. Syracuse, had a couple chances early on. We jump already to the second half Giona Leibold sends one in just over the cage. And then in the 73rd minute Buster Sjoberg showed a yellow card and Duke in the 83rd minute would end up getting the goal. This was a game that really had no action until then, and it was a man with the first name Thor who got it done.

SU had a shot towards the end, but just couldn’t find the cage. Duke won 1-0.