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Wednesday, Oct 19, 2022 at 10:32 am

Jenna Tivnan is Leading Women’s Soccer to Historic Season

By Collin Davies | @DaviesCollin

Syracuse Women’s Soccer Beat Reporter

Syracuse Women’s Soccer has been undergoing a transformation over the past few years. A few players have been there since before the changes began, including Jenna Tivnan.

The Orange almost lost their team captain in her freshmen year. But newly arrived head coach Nicky Adam’s convinced her to stay.

“Nicky came on to campus and we all met her. I instantly knew that she was a coach that was going to make be the best I can be and believe in me. She also told she doesn’t see me as an outside back. I was like ‘perfect,” Tivnan said.

That decision locked in SU’s leader. Her leadership style has been effective this season.

“I’m definitely the one that’s on the field bringing people forward and continuing to move them. Like a wanting to win mindset,” Tivnan said.

That winning mindset keeps her focused on the next game up. She said she does want to play at the next level, but her focus is on the rest of this season first.

“I have six guaranteed games left in my college career. Those mean a ton to me and my team. It’s up to us to make it beyond six,” Tivnan said.

It’s been a “last one, best one,” season for Tivnan. In her fifth and final season, Syracuse has already doubled their win totals from each of her past four years.