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Wednesday, Mar 29, 2023 at 12:04 pm

No. 1 Syracuse avoids Cornell comeback in 19-13 victory

Adam Avin | @_adamavin
CitrusTV Women’s Lacrosse Beat Reporter

When all the starters come to the bench to rest with plenty of time left in the game, that’s usually not a good sign for the opponent.  Today, Cornell clawed its way back scoring 7 goals in the 4th quarter, but it was too, little too late. The Orange defeated the big red 19-13, and coach Kayla Treanor talked about how her team pulled out the win.

Coach: “Yeah, I thought the offense played pretty well tonight. I mean, I think we have to do some things to play a little bit more simple and we just got a little frustrated with sloppy decisions. We knew we could play better. You know, I thought Meaghan Tyrrell was awesome tonight for us. She’s kind of taken a little bit of a backseat just because we have so much firepower on offense, but we definitely needed her tonight.”

The Tyrrell sisters have been on a roll lately, Meaghan had 8 points today, while Emma had 4 goals for the third straight game. Meaghan spoke to what makes their connection so special.

Meaghan: “I mean, it’s awesome. It’s just the chemistry that we’ve had for so long now. It’s just like kind of really shining through, especially for her. She’s doing so great, especially this season, coming back from injury, so I couldn’t be more proud of her.”

One player who never left the bench was Megan Carney who was scratched for the game with an undisclosed injury. Syracuse hopes to have her back on Saturday when #11 Virginia visits the dome at 6 p.m.