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Sunday, Apr 07, 2024 at 11:16 am

No. 3 Syracuse Women’s Lacrosse beats PITT 16-7.

Syracuse Women’s Lacrosse made it eight straight victories earlier this afternoon. As number 3 SU took down pitt 16-7 here at CNS high school. While there were multiple different scores for the Orange. It was once again graduate student Emma Tyrrell who stole the show.


“Well I mean its so impressive. Obviously she scores lots of goals but the things that really stand out is that she just does so much more then that. I mean last game we asked her to be on the draw circle. This game I mean she rode like single handedly 50 yards down the fielder and got a turnover and we got the ball back and she was alone in the midfield. I mean she’ll go over and play defense and she just does so much for us and its really more impactful what she does outside just scoring goals and I think that’s why she’s just playing at such an elite  level right now”. 


“We just work off each other, you know. She just knows when I’m looking. Her timing is so well, like its just easy to play with her. We’ve built a lot of chemistry over the season and i can’t wait to build more but like yeah we just root of each other really well.”


“Honestly a lot of the offense kinda came from like everyone else on the field, so they really like  opened up space for me to go and I really think that having people that just really work well together. Throughout the season we’ve doing a lot better with chemistry, so I think thats really been helping.


“The Orange are now a perfect 7-0 in ACC play. Next up for SU is another conference clash with Clemson on the road next saturday. Opening draw is set for noon. 


Reporting from CNS high school in Syracuse 

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