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Thursday, Mar 28, 2024 at 10:59 am

No. 5 Syracuse Women’s Lacrosse Beats No. 7 Loyola 16-13.

If you had to compare Syracuse Women’s lacrosse’s offense to something. It would be that of a Swiss Army knife because the Orange can beat in multiple different ways. Last weekend it was Maddy Baxter scoring a career-high 5 goals. Today the main catalysts were Emma Ward and Emma Tyrrell as the duo combined for 10 goals to prople number 5 Syracuse to a 16-13 win over number 7 Loyola. After the game head coach Kayla Treanor raved about that depth, saying it’s the main part of Syracuse’s offense.

“We can just be very dynamic cause we have a lot of threats. I mean tonight Olivia didn’t have a great night but Emma Ward and Emma Tyrrell did. Last game it was Maddy Baxter before it’s been Nate Smith. Like there is a lot of threats we have on the offensive end. And that makes us really tough to play against. I think that makes us pretty unique. Some nights it might be your night, some nights it might not but we just need everyone to step up. And when we’re following and we’re all playing really well together that’s when we’re at our best”. 

“I think being able to play as long as we have together it’s given us a lot of opportunity to to build chemistry especially on and off the field. We’ve gone through a lot together so being able to use each other and like bouncing off each other and with our teammates helping us out it sets us up for success. 

The Orange improve to 8-3 on the season and have now won five straight. Syracuse is back in action on Saturday when it hosts Louisville. The opening draw is set for noon. 

Rahill Jaiswal