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Wednesday, Mar 20, 2024 at 11:41 am

No.7 Syracuse Women’s Lacrosse beats UAlbany 20-11

Syracuse women’s lacrosse made it a perfect 17-0 against UAlbany as the number 7 took down the Great Dane 20-11 inside the JMA wireless dome. After scoring 20 goals for the first time last weekend against North Carolina. Syracuse’s offense was once again in full flow. 

I just think for us offensively the goal is to really share the ball and to play team offense. And anytime you can push in transition it allows you to get easy goals which allows you to score more. 

Trying to build confidence with a lot of different players especially since we have a lot of new faces. So building people’s confidence up. I think that really helps a lot in practice just getting looks and knowing that we can do it against the best defense in the country which we’re playing against every single day so if we can do it against them. We can do it against any other team. And they obviously do a great job of pushing our attack so it forces us to have to look in different directions. If someone is being face-guarded we have other options and that helps a lot. So yeah I think in practice it’s really helpful.

Syracuse improves to 6-3 on the season. However, as the year goes on the schedule does not get any easier. Su is back in action on Saturday at number 9 Virginia. The opening draw is set for noon. Reporting from inside the JMA wireless dome, 

Rahill Jaiswal