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Saturday, Sep 09, 2023 at 12:47 pm

Syracuse and Louisville Draw 2-2 in Instant Classic

By: Adam Gotkin
If you time travel five years into the future and showed someone tonight’s match with the atmosphere, intensity and overall play, They might think that this was late November. But no, the two-two draw between Syracuse and Louisville was the opener in the ACC schedule, and for Captain Lorenzo Boselli: he said this is exactly what you should expect from the best conference in college soccer.
“You know, it’s the ACC. So we know it’s tough.” Boselli said, “You know, these games are tough. We’ve got a target. So every game’s going to be like this. We are ready for it.”
“[It’s the]ACC conference. Best conference in college soccer.” Head coach Ian McIntyre said, “And you had two terrific teams doing, you know, really kicking off the season with a bit of fun college stuff. And I had a smile on my face in the second half with a whole lot physical now, but it was just fun to be part of this club since we’ve been on the other side of these late goals, we had a late one against Penn State, but yeah, we’re disappointed.”
So, while tonight’s match may have been a heartbreaker, this was just the first ACC game of the season. So there’s going to be many more opportunities for SU wins. But before those, the Orange have a break in conference action. On Tuesday, the Orange hosts another in-state rival in Siena. Kick off is at seven.
Reporting from the SU soccer stadium, Adam Gotkin, Citrus TV.