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Sunday, Nov 20, 2022 at 8:34 pm

Syracuse Drops 5th Straight on the Road vs. Wake Forest

(Nick Zelaya)
Let’s talk about some things that go well together. You could say this tie and pocket square combination. You can say this hat in the northeast during the wintertime or you can say A.T. Perry in the corner of this end zone. Last year against Syracuse, A.T. Perry, well, he had three touchdowns. Tonight, he had three touchdowns against the same orange defense in the first half, helping Wake Forest pick up a 45-35 victory over the orange. And after the game, Syracuse talked about losing their star on defense and how the demon deacons took advantage.
(Dino Babers)
He was the heartbeat of the team. You know, it’s not just the defense. He’s one of the key guys on the football field. And, you know, I thought the guys did a nice job recovering without him in there. But he’s a key part of what we do.
(Garrett Shrader)
Sam’s a great quarterback. You know, he runs our system very well. And the shout out to those guy coaching staff, you know, Clawson and his guys, they do a phenomenal job and it’s hard on defense and they put in a lot of stress. Being offensive mind, you know, watching them do their thing is is very impressive. And he runs that offense very well.
(Marlowe Wax)
Really just this is a scheme they play through him and he’s he’s also talented. He won’t make those plays with the balls in the air, but it’s just the way they run off those. The scheme is definitely it’s going to get us better.
(Nick Zelaya)
A Syracuse defense that’s been stellar all year. Gave up a season high 543 yards to a really good Wake Forest offense. Syracuse will still play for a bowl game, but they have one more opportunity to finish the regular season over 500. That comes next weekend in Chestnut Hill when they take on the Boston College Eagles. Reporting at Truist Field in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, I’m Nick Zelaya. CitrusTV.