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Saturday, Apr 09, 2022 at 4:58 pm

Syracuse drops its opener to Notre Dame, 5-2

Anthony Vasquez: After two wins last weekend against Pitt, today’s Friday afternoon matchup against Notre Dame did not go the way of S-U. The Irish marched into Syracuse Softball stadium and beat Syracuse 5-2. As for hitting difference, the margin was even worse. Notre Dame had 12 hits compared to the Cuse’s 5. Someone who wasn’t silenced though was Angel Jasso. Her 2 doubles and two stolen bases carried Syracuse throughout. 


Angel Jasso: I was seeing beachballs you know. I went out there and had the mentality of me versus the pitcher and just took it like that and the results showed. 


Anthony Vasquez: While the ice cold S-U bats are not a surprise especially in conference, what was today was how the pitching attacked hitters. Ariana Adams and Lindsey Hendrix gave up those five earned runs and 12 hits and coach Shannon Doepking chalked it up to the way they attacked hitters, which led to their demise. 


Shannon Doepking: We put ourselves in a lot of hitters counts. I thought we did a decent job with first pitch strikes, but I think after that, we got behind and out them in counts we didn’t want to put them in. I mean if you look at what they did last weekend against Georgia Tech, they put up football numbers. 


Anthony Vasquez: Even though both Hendrix and Adams were used a lot in today’s game, coach Dopeking says it’s all hands on deck for the rest of the series with tomorrow’s game starting at 1 p.m. Reporting from Syracuse Softball Stadium, Anthony Vasquez, Citrus TV.