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Saturday, Apr 13, 2024 at 8:00 pm

Syracuse Escapes Chapel Hill With 10-9 Win Behind Calm Mindset

SAM CORCORAN: In the fourth quarter of Syracuse’s game against North Carolina, it seemed like deja vu. Last week against Cornell, the Orange started off strong, then the Big Red stormed back, and eventually took the lead and won in overtime. And today against UNC, the Orange started off strong, then the Tar Heels stormed back, but this time around, the Irange held on to that lead and escaped Chapel Hill with a ten to nine victory. And throughout the week, there was one message spread across the team to boost their mindset for close games like this one.

WILL MARK: We have a quote going right now is just calm is contagious.

GARY GAIT: Calm is contagious.

JOEY SPALLINA: Calm is contagious, you know, and there were times, you know, when we were in this calm as, you know, we maybe wanted to, or, you know, maybe you’ve done some uncharacteristic things but, you know, I think you learn from a win like that.

MARK: No one’s prepared for crazy games more than we are. So, you know, the biggest thing is, you know, trust ourselves and then to simplify the game a little, you know, instead of trying to make the big play. It’s you know, what’s the next right thing I can do to help push this team in the right direction.

CORCORAN: Syracuse may be headed home for the rest of the regular season, but today’s game won’t be its last in the Tar Heel State. With the win, the Orange punch their ticket to the ACC tournament just over 100 miles down the road in Charlotte. Those games are scheduled for May 3 and May 5. But before that, SU heads back home to face one more ACC foe. Number two Virginia comes to the Dome next Saturday at 2 p.m. Reporting from Dorrance Field, Sam Corcoran, CitrusTV.