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Saturday, Apr 27, 2024 at 5:53 pm

Syracuse falls in game 2, 7-3 to #18 Virginia Tech

The Outfield wall at Skytop softball stadium is 6 feet tall and about 220 ft away from home plate. But according to Virginia Tech softball it seemed like it was in their backyard during a 7 to 3 victory over Syracuse in eight innings. Cory McMillan smashed a three-run home run in the top of the eighth right behind me to give the Hokies a lead they would never look back from. After the game Syracuse head coach Shannon Doepking said despite the score she thought that her team played extremely well. 


“You know I think it’s showing them that you know they’re probably better than they thought they were. Um you know that we could, we could hang with some teams. Um you know I thought there was a lot of really really bright moments. You know obviously not the side of the win column that we wanted um but I do think there was some big moments for us today.” 


“Absolutely I think you know um it is what it is it changes nothing. It’s understanding that they’re going to throw punches, they’re a great team. So um that’s what they’re supposed to do, they’re supposed to throw punches at us so it’s just about us playing our game and responding and still embracing what we can do and understanding that we can hang with anyone on any given day today and we got another day tomorrow to play some ball so it’s a great opportunity to have some fun and take another game if we can.”


While the orange dropped game two, the rubber match is tomorrow at noon and both teams want to walk away with a victory cuz there’s an ACC series on the line. Reporting from Skytop softball stadium, Nathaniel Cunningham, Citrus TV.