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Saturday, Feb 26, 2022 at 11:39 pm

Syracuse Ice Hockey Wins CHA Championship

“In 2019, Syracuse Ice Hockey won its first ever CHA Championship. On Saturday Afternoon, the Orange did it again — beating #3 seed Mercyhurst in Overtime, 3-2. Scoring the winning goal — Sophomore Sarah Thompson.”

“I don’t even know — I was standing in front of the net. I saw DiGi, at the top of the point — something we’ve worked on for a long time. So, she just ripped the puck, the puck was there — I hit it — and I don’t remember a single thing after that, except for being at the bottom of the dog pile, and not being able to breathe. But, I mean in the best way possible,” sophomore Sarah Thompson said.

“We definitely just tried to stay as calm as possible. Even when things were kind of getting a little bit hectic out there yesterday and today, it’s really important to keep your composure, and that’s what I did, and that’s what the team did. And I think that overall is probably the reason why we won both games,” senior Abby Moloughney said.

“I hugged Brendan — I don’t think I ever hugged Brendan. Maybe three years ago I did — I don’t know…” head coach Paul Flanagan said.

That wraps up an excellent weekend at Tennity Ice Pavilion. With Saturday’s win, the Orange now receive an automatic bid to the NCAA Tournament. Reporting from Tennity Ice Pavilion, Chilekasi Adele, CitrusTV.