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Sunday, Feb 18, 2024 at 11:00 am

Syracuse Men’s Lacrosse Loses in Overtime against Maryland After Controversial Call

By: Adam Gotkin|@adam_gotkin

Syracuse and Maryland played a game for the ages. The Terps won 13-12 in overtime. But tomorrow, no one’s going to be talking about the final score. All of the national conversation will revolve around the controversial call towards the end. With just over a minute to go in overtime, Michael Leo dashed down. Goalie, dove towards the crease and put the ball into the back of the net.
Now the referees say he landed in the goalmouth. Gary Gates says he was pushed. It’s a controversial play that will be looked at, not just tomorrow, not just this week, but into June when the NCAA Rules Committee meets.
“To be honest, we kind of met as a coaches group over December and one of the things that came up is, you know, you know, and we talk about a lot of things.” Maryland Head Coach John Tillman said,  “We talk a lot about rules and things of that nature. And one thing did come up was, you know, do we need to go?”
“I think there’s there’s work to be done.” Syracuse Head Coach Gary Gait said, “There’s been several, several times already this year and a young, young year where the refs have come to me and said the player was pushed in the back, but we’re not allowed to make that call for view.”
“And I saw the shot clock just winding down.” Michael Leo said after the game, “So I took a shot and obviously called on to go our way. So that’s just sports.
So this match up may not have gone the Orange’s way. There’s one thing that is clear, and that’s that Gary is very happy his team got to experience a game like this. Well, the Orange will have a quick turnaround on Wednesday. Syracuse hosts Utah at noon.