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Wednesday, Sep 20, 2023 at 10:20 am

Syracuse Men’s Soccer Falls to Cornell 2-1

By Adam Gotkin | @adam_gotkin

Tonight, the longest unbeaten streak in all of Division One men’s college soccer came to an end for the first time since early October of last year. Syracuse lost a match and it was the same culprit and same result as last time. 2-1 to Cornell. But Captain Jeorgio Kocevski says that this game can be used as a big learning moment.

“I mean, a loss is a loss it hurts, obviously, but it’s a good learning moment.” Kocevski said, “I think we can take this, you know, and kind of run with it. We weren’t perfect. We didn’t you know, we didn’t play our best game. But all we can do is learn. I think, you know, that’s what coach capitalism and all we can tell ourselves.”
Head coach Ian McIntyre said after the match, “Look, we’re find out a lot about ourselves based on playing games like these. And look, we know the gantlet that we’re in, Wake Forest Away, you know. Cornell straight afterwards we look at I thought moments we played some good stuff today I think four in that first half and for long parts when you come here you know you’re really going to be under the gun.And I thought we did overall a pretty good job. So not very not disappointed with us but we we had a couple we conceded a couple of poor goals and and they had some good moments.”
Well, coming up, it’s not going to get any easier for Syracuse. On Friday, the orange host, yet another top 25 team. This time it’s a fellow ACC foe in Pittsburgh. Kick off at the SU Soccer stadium is at seven. Reporting from Berman Field in Ithaca Adam Gotkin. Citrus TV.