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Tuesday, Aug 29, 2023 at 9:40 am

Syracuse Men’s Soccer Moves to 2-0 With Win Over Binghamton

Another match, another dominating performance for Syracuse men’s soccer. Tonight it was a three-nil evisceration of Binghamton. The main story was that the Orange outshot the Bearcats 17 to 1 and the goals didn’t come from who you might have expected. The first two were from defenders Gabe Mikina and Josh Belluz.
“I think it’s important that you have the ability to share some opportunities and just width was where the space was tonight.”  Coach Ian McIntyre said, “So for both Pablo Pedrosa and Gavin Mikina encouragement to get forward, it was one of those chances for the first one that Gabby Mikina.”
About his goal, Josh Belluz said, “I mean, I had an opportunity the first half in a similar scenario where we’re going to have a similar ball coming across kind of behind me. So I saw some opportunity here and I obviously directed a bit more. And yeah. And up in the back of the net.”
So two matches, two wins against two quality opponents. Head coach Ian McIntyre stressed on and on and on this past week about how good of a coaching staff both Providence and tonight Binghamton have. Up next, though, the challenge gets even tougher on Friday as SU heads down to Happy Valley for the first road game of the season against a Big Ten squad in Penn State.