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Friday, Nov 17, 2023 at 11:18 am

Syracuse Men’s Soccer Survives Early Scare, Beats Boston U 3-1 in First Round

Since day one. The main story around Syracuse has been how can this team battle adversity tonight in the first round of the NCAA tournament. When a win meant you continued your season and a loss meant it was all over. The Orange had maybe their toughest challenge yet, as you gave up a goal in the third minute to go down 1-0.

But less than 20 minutes later, as you bounced right back and scored three goals in the span of just 10 minutes to beat Boston University, 3-1.

“We’ve shown this year that’s resilience to have the ability to kind of bounce back and for for this team has a lot of character resilience and it’s a good group.” Head Coach Ian McIntyre said, “And I’m just very pleased that we get to be practicing tomorrow. And that will be, you know, 32 teams left tomorrow if you want to. But that’s a special, especially for our program.”

“I would say the crowd kept us in it.” Nick Kaloukian said, “When we went down in those first 5 minutes, the crowd kept in. They kept going. They kept cheering. And really the momentum started going for us and we just scored those three goals in 10 minutes.”

“No matter what happens, we know that before the game, Mac said, Always look to your brothers for hope. So we always look to each other and you never know.” Nate Edwards said after the match.

Two of Syracuse’s three goals tonight came from set pieces earlier in the week, Coach McIntyre said that those plays would be the key to winning tournament matches, and tonight that proved to be true. While Syracuse will continue its tournament run on Sunday while making a trip east to take on New Hampshire, that match will kick off at 2 p.m.