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Sunday, Dec 17, 2023 at 11:57 pm

Syracuse Shuts Down Oregon in South Dakota 83-63

When the first Frontiersman settled in South Dakota they relied on everyone on the trail to make a living. Syracuse men’s basketball used a similar family mentality to pull together for the win over Oregon on Sunday out in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Four different members of the SU roster scored above 10 points in the W for head coach Adrien Autry, it’s all about trust.

“Sometimes it’s not even you know my call you know they may see something cuz they in they’re in the game as long as they communicate it and we can make it work I’m okay with that.”

“That’s like, it’s all of us, it’s a group effort at the end of the day you know I come in and bring energy whatever I can add on from that I I can do it.”

“it’s not just one guy it’s all of us so like just the fact of us staying together being together as a team and light like lit a fire on me I lit a fire on everybody else like that’s how we going to play.”

“Oh my gosh yes um they played they stepped up you know everybody stepped up um and you know they came in with the right energy and it just carried on for the whole game so uh like I said we’re just looking forward to building off.”

“it’s always good you know when you have the vision of you know the the team can do you know I I was I was I was really impressed with our bench um you I’ve been preaching this from we started in July you know we can go 9, 10 Deep.”

The SU bench mounted 44 points more than half of the oranges total for the game 15 of those came from guard Quadir Copeland and if you ask the sophomore, there’s no secret who starts the fire for the team.

“Um I feel like it’s me, I feel like it’s I feel like I just when I come in the game I just I’m hyping everybody up. If you look I’m not even looking for mine looking for theirs I’m just showing everybody I’m got they back I’m in to help just play hard.

“That’s his role I mean he he knows it as you could tell like he just told you uh we know when he gets in the game we we have another gear that we can tap into.

“I know I’m very excited when he’s playing like that you know he helps us you know I got your help on the back inside I have your help no matter what so just play as hard as you can and just give me as much as you can while you’re out there with me that’s all I ask for them to do.”

Syracuse has now seen graphic like that light up three times in a row with a trio of wins against non-conference opponents and that out of CC slate wraps up on Thursday at 5:00 back at home against Niagara. But before we send everything back to Syracuse and back to the Dome, let’s wrap up here at the Sanford Pentagon in Sioux Falls South Dakota. Jesse Cook Citrus TV