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Sunday, Apr 02, 2023 at 9:07 am

Syracuse Softball Drops Both of Doubleheader in Home Opener

Reporter: Adam Gotkin

After a 26 game road trip to start its season. Syracuse softball made its return home today. The Orange hosted Louisville in a doubleheader. And, well, things didn’t go the way that the Cuse would have hoped. Syracuse was swept dropping Game 153 in game two via the run Rule eight nothing. The biggest issue on the pitching side was, well, Syracuse allowed Louisville to hit too many balls over this the outfield fence, resulting in home runs. And they weren’t just solo shots. They were home runs with runners on. Head Coach Shannon Doepking said after the game, “You know, it’s the locks before the home runs that are killing us. And in that game, there was a walk for a walk, home, walk, walk, walk, home run. So, you know, the difference of a three run game in an eight run game. “
If you’re going to allow those big flies, then the offense also has to contribute or else it’s a recipe for disaster. And, well, of course, the offense did not show up today. Coach Doepking she was quite honest after the game about what she thought about her team’s performance at the plate.
“Terrible.” Coach Dopeking said, “I mean, we knew timing was going to be an issue. It’s been an issue pretty much the entire season last week. And obviously I thought we saw it pretty well and we figured some things out. And today was another one of us just not being able to get on time.”
Madelyn Lopez added on saying, “Honestly, I think just kind of going off what we did last week against Notre Dame kind of being more aggressive plates is how they we were inconsistent at that, but it did work. And be ready to attack tomorrow.”
Well, the orange can fix their issues both in the circle and at the plate. Tomorrow at noon in the series finale against the Cardinals. Reporting from Sky Top softball stadium, Adam Gaskin. Citrus TV.