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Friday, May 05, 2023 at 11:27 pm

Syracuse Softball Drops Series Opener to Boston College

Syracuse softball’s eight-game winning streak came to an end today as the Orange fell to the Eagles of Boston College by a final score of four to two. The biggest issue for the Orange was, well, they were swinging and missing at almost everything that came their way.

“We swung at every rise ball we saw and took the pictures that we should be swinging at so you know” Coach Doepking said, “I thought last week we had a lot of success because we were so disciplined on the riseball. Today we were not disciplined not even a little bit so you know when you swing at pitches that are tough to hit um you know you’re gonna have a long day and that’s what we had I mean you hope that you get something positive out of a game like this.

“It’s just frustrating you know it’s really really frustrating when your hope is that we show up and we try to get better every game and I don’t think we got better today I think we got worse if anything so you know hopefully we can regroup and refocus more than anything and come back and you know prepare and get better tomorrow pitch by pitch inning by inning um you know because today was just super frustrating”

The loss today moves the ‘cuse back to 500 on the season tomorrow is a new day and a chance to get back above that benchmark. First pitch is at 1 p.m. Reporting from Skytop softball stadium, Adam Gotkin, CitrusTV