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Friday, Apr 07, 2023 at 10:18 am

Syracuse Softball Wins Its First Home Game

If you’ve been following Syracuse softball at all this season, then you know that a big issue has been the offense and how the team starts. The Orange had not scored in the first inning since opening day nearly two months ago until today, when the orange got on the board in the first frame and head coach Shannon Doepking, she talked about how important it is for the team to start off strong.
Doepking said, “I think it’s everywhere. You know, I think we are a very contagious team. And I think when we lead off the game with the hit, it almost lets everybody else know that we can do this. And so I think that MD was lights out today. I mean, she was so good for us and really tough spot. They’re very consistent so I think she just set the tone really quickly for us.”
And it wasn’t just the offense that performed today. The pitching was just as good. Madison Knight, the starter, went six innings, allowing no runs on seven strikeouts and just three hits.
“We had a lot of insurance that made me feel a lot better as a pitcher, and especially getting those runs late in the game made me feel a lot better.” Knight said, “Where I can throw a pitch here and I again, I know my team is behind me, but I’m allowed to mess up here and there. But just knowing that I have a little wiggle room in there.”
So good mojo for the orange right now after beating NC State in the series opener. And they can continue that mojo tomorrow against the Wolfpack first pitch is at 3 p.m. reporting from SkyTop Softball Stadium. Adam Gotkin, Citrus TV.