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Saturday, Apr 06, 2024 at 11:07 pm

Syracuse Softball’s 4 errors lead to a dominating 13-2 loss to Clemson

The wind in Central New York is not everyone’s friend. And Syracuse Softball learned that firsthand in a 13-2 beat down by the number 17 team in the nation Clemson. The Orange committed four errors resulting in six runs in both the second and the fifth inning. After the game head coach Shannon Doepking said what she said all season long they’ve got to fix the little things. 


“Right like the routine plays. Like we just did not make routine plays today. We were really really bad with our secondaries you know.  I think they took every extra base that they could on plays where we didn’t even have plays so you know it’s what I said to them after the game is thank God it’s over right. Like it was probably the sloppiest game we played all year. Good news is it’s over it’s done with uh we got two more tomorrow and that’s what we need to focus on. 


“If you can’t get fired up to play a team like that you know then you probably shouldn’t be here right. So I don’t think you need a motivated team when you’re playing a team as good as Clemson is um you know I think everybody wants that opportunity to play one of the top ranked teams right and unfortunately it was just you know not our day. It was just super sloppy uh you know we just got to be better if we want a chance. We have to be able to make routine plays, it’s as simple as that.”


SU has now dropped five straight to Clemson and hasn’t beaten the Tigers since 2022 but that can all change tomorrow right here as Syracuse takes part in its 11th double header of the Season beginning at 10:00 a.m. against Clemson. Reporting from Skytop Softball Stadium.  Nathaniel Cunningham, Citrus TV