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Sunday, Apr 02, 2023 at 5:00 pm

Syracuse Softballs Mental Battle

By: Adam Gotkin | @adam_gotkin
There are very few sports like softball, a game that consists. of one-on-one battles, the pitcher versus the batter. The all-time great Yankee Yogi Berra once said. Baseball, (in this case softball) is 90%mental. The other half is physical. Well, Syracuse, they’ve had a slow start to their season. The orange are just one, nine and one in ACC play. Head coach Shannon Doepking credits this slow start to the team’s lack of mental toughness.
“I think it’s just competing.” Coach Doepking said, “You know, like the lack of competitiveness today was just not us. It’s not being so quick to go internal and be quicker to just compete, you know, and I think it was just a complete lack of competitiveness on our end of finding some sense of fight in us personally.”
Freshman outfielder Madelyn Lopez added on saying, “Just definitely, you know, I get upset with myself of course, but getting over it really fast and because. You know once you find the ball, it finds you again, so you got to have the good attitude. Keep it going.
Well, Syracuse’s series against Louisville got cut short. Sunday’s finale was canceled due to cold weather. But S-U can turn things around this upcoming week against NC State, the Wolfpack are just 13-24. NC State is 4-8 in ACC play and 0-10 on the road. The series gets underway on Thursday at 6:00 PM