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Tuesday, Apr 30, 2019 at 7:18 pm

Syracuse Softball’s Playlist: The Power of the Walk-Up Song

The action on the field is important, but something is just missing from the game of softball without the walk-up song. Take a look at how the Syracuse softball team came up with theirs.  Here’s the team’s playlist:

  1. “Buzzin”-Mann: Gabby Teran-2B-4
  2. “Call Me, Beep Me!”-Kim Possible Theme Song: Bryce Holmgren-RF-1
  3. “Astronaut Kid”-NBA Youngboy: Alicia Hansen-CF/SS-6
  4. “Hips Don’t Lie”-Shakira: AJ Kaiser-DH/C-9
  5. “The Greatest Show”-The Greatest Showman Theme Song: Alex Acevedo-1B/3B-3
  6. “Get Like Me”-David Banner: Lailoni Mayfield-LF/3B-23
  7. “Como La Flor”-Selena: Neli Casares-Maher-SS-11
  8. “Fly Me To The Moon”-Frank Sinatra: Hannah Dossett-3B/1B-10
  9. “Even Flow”-Pearl Jam: Gianna Carideo-C-18
  10. “Here For The Party”-Gretchen Wilson: Toni Martin-LF/CF-26
  11. “Hey Jessie!”-Jessie Theme Song: Jessica Skladal-LF-7
  12. “Ready For It”-Taylor Swift: Alexa Romero-P-27
  13. “This Is How We Do It”-Montell Jordan: Miranda Hearn-P-8
  14. “Best Love Song”-T-Pain: Sophie Dandola-P-21
  15. “TNT”-AC/DC: Peyton Schnackenberg-P-77