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Tuesday, Feb 28, 2023 at 12:50 pm

Syracuse Softball’s Unique Schedule

“I think of north of 70. I think of the sunshine of clear skies. I mean, that’s what we had in Clearwater when there are tornadoes around, that’s what we have at the World Series.” Gray Robertson said when talking about the idea softball weather.
Warm weather and the outdoors aren’t two things you hear much of in Syracuse this time of year. The average high in February is 34 degrees. The college softball season starts in early February. That means the orange have to hit the road. Every week starts at Manly Field House where the Cuse practice. From there, it’s travel time through the first three weeks of the season.
Syracuse has gone down to Florida, North Carolina and South Carolina on the weekends. Sundays the team makes the trip back north and then they do it all over again the next week. Poof.
“It never gets easier. I got to tell you, you would think that I’ve got it down by now, but it’s truly just kind of stressful every time.” Third basemen Rebecca Clyde said.  “Just balancing work, especially being a senior now and being in some upper level classes. It’s kind of hard, but you know, I love it. I love it regardless. Even though it’s hard. I love the challenge.”
Three tournaments in at the orange sit at six and six. Up next, Syracuse has its first taste attack play the ‘cuse travel down to South Carolina for a three game series with Clemson and then it’s still exactly a month to go and so the Cuse have their first home game here at as the softball stadium which if you can’t tell by a behind me is not exactly in playing shape at the moment. Until then make sure to follow me on Twitter @adam_gotkin for all in-game updates and everything else you need to know.