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Sunday, Feb 12, 2023 at 1:07 pm

Syracuse Swept After A 4-2 Loss To Mercyhurst

Well the CHA slate is officially at an end for Syracuse, as they fall 4-2 to Mercyhurst in the back end of a weekend series. It wasn’t all negative for the Orange though, especially in the shot department. After only tallying 18 in yesterday’s contest, the Orange had over 30 today.

Coach Smith: Yeah, we created offense with pucks into the crease and winning battles, and I think we were able to find our offense, so we just gotta keep things simple.

Sarah Thompson: I think the big thing for us was just getting pucks on net, it’s something that we’ve been working on a lot. We put a lot of pucks on net from down low, and we got offense coming from in the house, so, I think we did a lot better in the third, we outshot them, I’m not quite sure what the stats were in the second, but it was much much better, we created a lot of offense, and had a ton of possession, so I think going forward that’s gonna be really important, prioritizing our forecheck, and keeping possession.

Perfect hockey is pretty hard to come by, and Syracuse knows that not every period is going to be perfect. They did a pretty good job of hanging with Mercyhurst tonight though, as they outshot them in two out of three periods. That chase for perfection continues next weekend, when Syracuse plays in their final game of the season against Stonehill at 2. Following that, Syracuse will almost definitely take on Mercyhurst one more time in the first round of the CHA Playoffs. Reporting from Tennity Ice Pavilion, Luke Burgess, Citrus TV.