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Saturday, Oct 14, 2023 at 10:11 am

Syracuse Unlucky on Friday the 13th in 4-1 Loss to North Carolina

By Max Gifford | @GiffMD

The combination of Friday and the number 13 have long been synonymous with superstition and bad luck. Whether you believe in any of those, it’s certainly a coincidence that on a Hangman’s Friday, 13th-ranked Syracuse played its 13th game of the season and fell 4-1 to No. 3 North Carolina. No matter how luckless the Orange were, Head coach Lynn Farquhar says this team has yet to reach its true potential.

“Give UNC a lot of credit for sure. I think also there’s some onus on us right. Statistically you’re in there. It’s a matter of are we prepared for the second phase. So the first phase is great. However, that doesn’t do everything. I mean, even look at the goals against. So it’s about staying in the moment and being able to take every opportunity. If it isn’t in that moment, you’re going to keep on doing it until it is. Farquhar said.”

The Tar Heels were outshot for the first time since October of 2022, but Erin Matson’s crew proved to be more accurate, edging SU in shots on goal at a 5-4 margin.

“We need to be better at that. So it’s something we’ll keep on working on. And then every team that we play is going to be based a little bit differently. And again, we have to give credit to UNC who came out with strong defenders and a lot of returners and they have done a good job this season holding a top spot in the rankings,” Farquhar noted.

Syracuse’s only stroke of fortune came in the final minute of play when back Eefke van den Nieuwenhof scored from the penalty spot for, you guessed it, her 13th goal this season. The next opportunity for the dice to roll the ‘Cuse’s way comes this Sunday in Ithaca when the Orange travel to face 18th-ranked Cornell for their final non-conference game of the season.