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Tuesday, Nov 15, 2022 at 9:16 am

Syracuse Women’s Basketball Dominates Binghamton 92-59 Behind Dariauna Lewis

17 points, 10 rebounds, 4 blocks – that was the statline from Dariauna Lewis tonight who led Syracuse to a whopping 92-59 win over Binghamton. In the postgame press conference, SU Head Coach Felisha Legette-Jack talked about how exciting it is to be able to coach the Alabama A&M transfer.

“She’s so much fun to coach. We really went through a lot this summer to get that word ‘trust’ in her vocabulary. This is her third school and I didn’t push her to trust me but I asked her to and we did the work and she’s doing the work and it’s evolving and for the last two months she’s been just magical and just a joy to coach,” Jack said.

Lewis had the mentality that many seem to have – playing best when you’re not expected to.

“A lot of people think I can’t do it, lot of people think I was only successful because I was in a lower conference so you know that chip on my shoulder and it makes me go hard every day,” Lewis said. “So it’s just me, I bring that energy on the glass, even if nothing is going right I know I’m going to rebound so I just try to bring that intensity every day in practice and in the games.”

It wasn’t just the Dariauna Lewis show tonight – the Orange as a team played exceptional, shooting 50% from the field, they also had 25 points off of turnovers. Where does that leave the Orange? Well, they’re 3-0 and will try to keep that undefeated record going on Thursday night against Long Island University.