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Sunday, Feb 11, 2024 at 10:38 am

Syracuse Women’s Ice Hockey Blanks RIT, 3-0

(Gino Antimarino)(0:00) In Chinese culture, it’s considered good luck to bring an orange tree to a new home. (0:06) So it was only fitting that on Lunar New Year, the orange traveled down the road to Upstate (0:11) Medical University Arena and picked up the 3-0 victory over RIT in the second game of (0:18) a home-and-home series. (0:19) Now that luck really resonated with SU Forward Charlotte Hallett as she recorded her first (0:25) goal of the season.


(Charlotte Hallett)(0:27) I got set up pretty nice by my teammate Naya. (0:29) I just got on the ice. (0:32) Our team was just getting to work in the offensive zone, forechecking, keeping the puck alive, (0:35), and then getting changes.

(0:36) I got on the ice and 21 Naya, she was out there and the puck popped right out to me. (0:42) I had like an hour and a half basically to walk in and take the shot. (0:45) Luckily, it just went in. (0:46) So yeah, it felt really good though. 


(Britni Smith)(0:48) It was nice to see that playing the right way and playing to our systems was rewarded (0:53) with a goal at the end there. (0:54) And obviously Charlotte is someone who’s gone from D to Forward for us and been ready to (0:59) take on whatever role we’ve asked.

(1:01) So for her to get that as well as the bench and her teammates, we’re excited for her for (1:06) sure. (1:07) 


(Gino Antimarino) Syracuse returns back to its traditional home this coming weekend for its last series of (1:12) the regular season. (1:13) The Orange battle Mercyhurst in a two-game series.

(1:17) The first game starts on Friday at 6 o’clock. (1:20) But in the meantime, reporting from Upstate Medical University Arena, I’m Gino Antomarino, (1:25) Citrus TV.