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Saturday, May 25, 2024 at 10:44 am

Syracuse Women’s Lacrosse falls 10-7 to BC in the final four

As the clock struck triple zeros here in Cary, North Carolina. Syracuse Women’s Lacrosse found themselves in a familiar but heartbreaking situation. For the second consecutive season, Syracuse fell to Boston College in the Semi-finals of the NCAA tournament. This time by a final score of 10-7. While the loss was indeed tough to swallow. After the head coach Kayla Treanor could only talk about how proud she was of her squad.

“I think what I’m most grateful for, is that I get to have them in my life and forever because like we talked about it really is like a family. And they just make me laugh so much, I mean their personalities are just incredible. Sometimes I try hard not to laugh so they think I’m serious. But I just love them like family. I’d do anything for them. They are just amazing kids that have really changed my life.”

“I mean I took a chance on myself when Kayla was coming in as the head coach and it was the best decision of my life. And I got my best friends by my side win or lose. So I’m just really grateful I got to be a part of such an amazing program. And play the sport we love with my best friends every day, and to our coaches. We have the best coaching staff no doubt and I’m forever grateful. I feel so in debt to this program.

Next up for Syracuse is an offseason filled with lots of roster turnover. Not only is Syracuse losing goalkeeper delany sweitzer but her twin sister Savannah Sweizter, graduate student emma Tyrrell and lots of other key contributors. Reporting from Cary, North Carolina one final time, Rahill Jaiswal Citrus tv.