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Saturday, Dec 09, 2023 at 5:03 pm

“Three-Guard Monte” Helps Syracuse Knock Off Georgetown 80-68

When you think about some of the best big threes in basketball history- the Showtime Lakers, the Celtics of the late 2000s, or the 2010s Heatles- they’re usually not composed of an all-guard lineup, right? Well, today Syracuse Men’s Basketball sought to change that narrative. Judah Mintz, JJ Starling, and Quadir Copeland- three guards- combined for 60 points in SU’s 80-68 triumph over Georgetown at the Capital One Arena. 

“Many teams don’t have that,” Mintz remarked. Many teams aren’t able to replicate that when they’re going over scouting, or even when they’re playing other teams, there aren’t many teams that have three guards that can create off the bounce for themselves and others.”

“We had Judah out a lot in the second half for some reason,” Copeland commented. “I had to pick up on the offensive side and the defensive side, that’s really all it was. I just picked up my role and played my part.

“You can’t hone in one player,” Starling said. “Especially if they’re all going like we were today. Judah, he was in foul trouble he went out, Quadir he stepped up, I stepped up at times, so looking forward to keep doing that this season, because that’s what we can do.”

SU fans certainly hope that trio keeps its offensive spark going once ACC play hits, but that’s not here just yet. The Orange have two non-conference games remaining, the first of which comes next Sunday in Sioux Falls, South Dakota against PAC-12 Oregon. Tipoff in that one is scheduled for 1 PM.