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Tuesday, Feb 21, 2023 at 8:49 am

Women’s Lacrosse Stays Unbeaten With a 17-10 Win Over Binghamton

Syracuse Women’s Lacrosse took down Binghamton 17-10, in their first game against a non-top-5 opponent. Coach Kayla Treanor talked about adjustments her team made, so they could pull away early.

“They were playing a little bit half-speed out there throughout the first half,” said Treanor. “We talked about making an adjustment at halftime to just get more in a groove so we can limit more turnovers and finish some plays.”
Syracuse had 14 turnovers in the first half, but because of those halftime adjustments, the orange had just one turnover in the second half. The scoring, however, was consistent all game long. 11 different players scored for the ‘Cuse today, something that come as a pleasant surprise to Coach Treanor
Treanor: “We had 11 people score? Wow. That’s awesome. We wanna move the ball, the girls are playing really unselfish.”
Megan Carney has led the team in goals three games straight, and had four today, helping the Orange to victory. She also chimed in on how the offense has been so effective.
Carney: “I think our offense this year is a lot of off-ball movement. I have great teammates playing aside me, who feed me the ball; it’s a perfect pass and I just try and convert them to goals. It just seems to work out.”
The Orange will need to keep up their scoring ways because they travel to Pittsburgh Saturday to kick off ACC play at 12, and leave the dome for the first time this year.

Adam Avin, CitrusTV Women’s Lacrosse Reporter