Station Resources


Below is a list of resources anyone working with CitrusTV may need to access.


Feedback: Fill out this form with any comments, questions, or suggestions for CitrusTV. 


Bylaws and Code: The official governing documents for CitrusTV and the Code of Broadcast Standards and Ethics outlining CitrusTV’s journalistic standards. 


Brand: Guidelines on how to maintain CitrusTV’s brand. 


Bookit: Take-out form used to check and register equipment for use out of the station. Note: Due to security concerns, you need to be connected to the University network to access Bookit. If you are not on campus at the time of registration, you can use Syracuse University’s VPN to enable access. It can be found here for Windows and here for MacOS. Contact the Operations Manager for an account if you need one made for you. 


Broken Equipment: Fill out this form detailing the equipment, editing program, or computer you were on. 


Incident: Should anything ever happen at CitrusTV or in/during CitrusTV coverage which makes you feel uncomfortable, unsafe, unwelcome, or causes any level of concern or discomfort, fill out this form to report it. You may fill out the form anonymously if you choose. You can also reach out to the General Manager directly at if you feel comfortable doing so. 


Mental Health Resource Guide: A guide containing mental health educational resources for student journalists as well as Syracuse University and national mental health resources available at no cost. 


Using Guac for Remote Access: Go to For the full guide with login information reach out to your Department head or


Calendar: Click here to add the Google Calendar listing production rotation of all shows to your personal calendar (also available below).