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Saturday, Oct 30, 2021 at 12:32 pm

New DPS Community Center on South Campus

By Dillon Brendle

SYRACUSE, NY – South Campus has a new addition in apartment 8 at 121 Small Road. The Department of Public Safety opened a community center to be more interactive with students. The center will be open Sunday Through Thursday from 2 till 10 PM and 5pm to midnight Friday and Saturday if students want to drop by. They will be greeted by a community service officer who can attend to their needs or put the student in contact with someone more capable of helping them.

The center places an emphasis on community. It’s equipped with TV’s, refrigerators, couches and microwaves. DPS believes those qualities will help make students feel more comfortable and included especially on south campus. DPS is responding to recommendations made by Attorney General Loretta Lynch.

After an altercation and a shooting occurred around campus in the past two weeks many students expressed feeling unsafe. This area DPS hopes will help to alleviate those fears. Students can come to the center to speak with an officer or even get a ride to college place. Officer Joe Shanley says they hope to reinvent what preconceptions students have about law enforcement.