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Friday, Oct 26, 2018 at 6:47 pm

Live at 6 | Friday, October 26th

CitrusTV Anchors Greg Bradbury and Rebekah Castor have today’s top stories. CitrusTV Reporter Lilia Wood talks with a first-responder of the Pan Am Flight 103 terrorist attack. CitrusTV Reporter Justine Murray sits down with the head of the Tully Free Speech Center to talk about what it is doing on campus for Free Speech Week. CitrusTV Reporter Madelyn Urabe tells us which CNY college is considered the safest. CitrusTV Weather Anchor Zachary Levine tells us when we can expect the rain from the noreaster. CitrusTV Analyst Michael Furnari explains the latest details of the arrest of the suspect officials believe sent all of the suspicious packages to prominent democratic figures. CitrusTV Sports Anchor Matthew Liberman has breaking news about the resignation of the Women’s Soccer Coach.