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Saturday, Dec 09, 2017 at 7:57 pm

Live at 6 | Thursday, December 7th

CitrusTV Anchors Conor Wight and Claudia Bellofatto cover today’s top stories including the increase in SU Faculty Leave Benefits, a NYS grant to help sexual assault victims, and the resignation of Senator Franken. CitrusTV Reporter Gabrielle Caracciolo is live at city hall to answer our questions about the most expensive race in the history of Syracuse, NY. Gabrielle talked with Former Democratic Mayoral Nominee Juanita Perez Williams about her future in politics. CitrusTV Reporter Lilia Wood tells us how Marshall Street businesses will handle the competition of Blaze Pizza coming next year.CitrusTV Reporter James Groh shows us where non-native English speakers can go to talk with one another and practice conversing with other people. There are groups for adults, and also some that work with kids to help them with their homework. CitrusTV Weather Anchor Jack Watson explains why the California fires are hard to contain and what speaker Paul Ryan is telling those who have been affected. CitrusTV Sports Anchor Zachary Lang reports on the Colgate Women’s Basketball game.