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Friday, Feb 09, 2018 at 12:06 pm

Live at 6 | Thursday, February 8th

CitrusTV Anchors Conor Wight and Jack Watson cover the day’s top stories including the naming of the US flag bearer for the Winter Olympics, the former Whitman School Dean’s new job in Norway, and the investigation of a Cornell fraternity. CitrusTV Reporter Anna Azallion is live in Newhouse to tell us what is going on with students who are in graphic design. CitrusTV Gabrielle reports from London on how the Mumps is causing one SU student who is allergic to the MMR shot to study abroad. CitrusTV Reporter James Groh tells us how a center in Syracuse is helping businesses at the South Side Innovation Center. CitrusTV Reporter Brendan Tierney is live in Philadelphia at the Eagles Parade where fans are celebrating the first win in their franchise’s history. CitrusTV Reporter Chris Venzon is at Liverpool High School where the key to their team’s success is the basketball coach.