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Friday, Mar 02, 2018 at 8:35 am

Live at 6 | Thursday, March 1st

CitrusTV Anchors Conor Wight and Shruti Marathe cover today’s top stories including the removal of an ESF Chair Member, the potential replacement of the National Security Advisor, and Russian President Vladimir Putin’s announcement about an invincible missile. CitrusTV Reporter Anna Azallion tells us how students are enjoying open gym times at the Carmelo Anthony Basketball Center. CitrusTV has an exclusive report on the National Disability Day of Mourning event held at Schine today. CitrusTV Reporter Dan Prager tells us how a new grant is giving money for new training for the Syracuse Fire Department. CitrusTV Reporter Adam Unger explains the economic consequences of the weather forcing Snowcross races to be cancelled for the second year in a row. CitrusTV Analyst Gilat Melamed is in studio to tell us why officials are looking into multi-million dollar loans made to Jared Kushner’s family companies. CitrusTV Weather Anchor Nicole Weaving updates us on the Noreaster. CitrusTV Sports Anchor Jake Marsh analyzes the Men’s Basketball Game from last night.