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Wednesday, Jan 24, 2018 at 1:21 pm

Live at 6 | Tuesday, January 23rd

CitrusTV Anchors Sabrina Maggiore and Gilat Melamed cover today’s top stories including disagreement between President Trump and an FBI Director, the 140th anniversary of government documents at Bird Library, a Kentucky High School shooting, and more. CitrusTV Reporter James Groh is live from outside University Hospital to tell us how the flu is overwhelming staff and ambulances are being sent away. CitrusTV Reporter Justine Murray covers the new Euclid Shuttle and how students on campus feel about it. CitrusTV Analyst Shruti Marathe explains why the Oscars are so important to current social movements this year. CitrusTV Sports Anchor Tyler Aki previews tomorrow’s Men’s Basketball Game against Boston College. CitrusTV Weather Anchor David Edelstein covers flooding because of thawed ice in Central New York.