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Tuesday, Mar 06, 2018 at 11:21 pm

Live at 6 | Tuesday, March 6th

CitrusTV Anchors Gilat Melamed and Sabrina Maggiore cover today’s top stories. CitrusTV Analyst Nicole DeMentri gives us a live update on the State of the County. CitrusTV Reporter Amber McElrath tells us how one bar in Syracuse is opening up to a whole new group of people. CitrusTV Reporter Taylor Lang explains how residents in DeWitt’s Midler Meadows Trailer Park may be moving out if living conditions don’t improve. CitrusTV Weather Anchor Anna Azallion explains why sea creatures were washing up to shore and surprising beachgoers. CitrusTV Sports Anchor Chris Venzon previews tonight’s game with CitrusTV Sports Reporter Christian De Guzman, who is live in Brooklyn.