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Thursday, Apr 04, 2019 at 12:43 am

Live at 6 | Wednesday, April 3rd

CitrusTV Anchors Noah Eagle and Claudia Bellofatto have today’s top stories. CitrusTV Reporter Anna Azallion continues the I-81 Crossroads series and looks at why a tunnel is not a viable option to replace the current viaduct. CitrusTV Reporter Amber McElrath tells us about the vigil that took place this afternoon for Dean Branham. CitrusTV Reporter Ricky Sayer looks at the concerns about replacing the viaduct and the developable land that would be created. CitrusTV Weather Anchor Jenna Babyak has your latest forecast for Syracuse. CitrusTV Sports Anchor Corey Spector has highlights from yesterday’s men’s lacrosse game and everything else you need to know about SU Sports.