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Wednesday, Feb 21, 2018 at 9:20 pm

Live at 6 | Wednesday, February 21st

CitrusTV Anchors Connor Federico and Josh Rosenblatt cover today’s top stories including the arraignment of the man who used a cell phone to record women in the Life Sciences Building, the death of Pastor Billy Graham, and the call for a cease-fire in Syria. CitrusTV Reporter Greg Bradbury is live outside the Dome to preview the Syracuse Men’s Basketball game against North Carolina. CitrusTV Reporter Carmella Boykin tells us why the Maxwell Fellowship Program is important to the university. CitrusTV has an exclusive look at the SU Major Fair. CitrusTV Reporter Jessica Torricelli explains how the abnormally warm weather cancelled some events during this weekend’s Winterfest. CitrusTV Weather Anchor Jessica Torricelli shows us when we can expect snow flurries again. CitrusTV Sports Anchor Nicole Weaving tells us which Syracuse athletes are receiving conference honors this week.