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Wednesday, Oct 31, 2018 at 6:49 pm

Live at 6 | Wednesday, October 31

CitrusTV Anchors Jack Watson and Anna Azallion have today’s top stories. CitrusTV Reporter Carmella Boykin is in the Schine Student Center, where people have been reading “Frankestein” throughout the day for a world-wide program. CitrusTV Weather Anchor Amber McElrath tells us why the weather is definitely more scary than any monster. CitrusTV Reporter Ally Heath explains what hospitals are doing to try to fix the blood shortage currently going on in Syracuse. CitrusTV Analyst Brandon Ross explains what the polls are looking like for the 24th Congressional District of New York after last night’s debate between John Katko and Dana Balter. CitrusTV Sports Anchor Tim Leonard previews the Men’s Basketball Exhibition game tonight against Le Moyne.